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'Nother update

Started to texture Luneth's pants. See the texture? Well on the model below.. ...the stitches don't show up!

Update in Luneth.

Today I modeled Luneth's other foot and his legs.

Stay Tuned!


My current project(s).

Don't have any "real-life" pictures, just a picture of my first designing project. It's the boot of my project, whom I will let you guess who it is. If this works I may design more papercrafts which I model, and possibly ripped models. I used Metasequioa to design it so far. But before I continue I'm gonna have to learn UV mapping...
Stay tuned!


Photo Retakes.

Retook a few photos, cause I was unhappy with the previous ones.

You may have noticed I added a pinball game to the blog. Unfortunately, the music goes off after about 10 seconds. I'll leave it up, but if it annoys you, let me know and I'll take it out.
And, that's all.
Stay tuned!

Gotta catch em' all!

So, I could have posted in the last week, but kept saying to myself "make one more thing , then post." Problem is, after I actually made something, I decided to make another, then post. I made 'bout 4 models then actually decided to update. Because of that, you're gonna see a week's worth of models.

First off, Hoppip and Bulbasuar. Hoppip is edge coloured, and Bulbasuar is printed on a black and white laser printer.

Next, we have the moon, also black and white to save colour ink, since he was mostly greyish anyways.

I've finally finished all three robots, below is a picture of the last.

Last but not least, surfing Pikachu. Wasn't too hard to make and still enjoyable.

That's all from this week, but I have a model from a while ago that I forgot to post. Exactly how long ago? About 2 months. I made a video 'cause it has moving parts.

Sorry, that was so brief, I'm kinda running short on time.
Stay tuned!