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Finally, after 3 months, finished the Chocobo:

This spot looks meh-ish due to a bit of poor planning.


Secret government meeting:

Stay tuned!


Master Sword-Looks awesome with Moogle.

Just finished the Master Sword by Xenonray, it looks rather snazzy on my shelf:

Of course I had to take a picture of Link beside it:

Link holding the sword:

And my favourite picture:

Stay tuned!


Reign of the Pictures.

Now that my camera is back to 100% functionality, I shall bombard you with pictures! Mwuhahaha! >:D

A close up of Alice's hands.
Alice's "heel brace", after she suffered an accident.

A greyscale build of Xenonray's Elegy Link, for practice so the colour version is perfect.

A Blue Moon stealth. *pew*

A Pikachu Pokirby.Pikachu!

Blue Moon APC. Vroom, vroom!

Group shot!

Chibi Sora

WIP Pile!
Stay tuned!


Goron Elder's Son Editing, WOO!

Call me lazy or just plain procastinating, but I finally got around to posting!...After a month. D:
I'm getting back on track now, with less school projects and whatnot. Anyways, enjoy the last picture I took before my camera wonked out on me:

Another reason for my absence was my interest in learning Blender. Give it a month and waddya now, I'm a Blender pro (Kind of (actually, not really))!
My current editing project:
I'm gonna try to fix my camera tonight (actually, I'm gonna go at it with a hammer >:D)
Stay tuned!