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New blog!

Yay! I made a new blog for WIP's, so I no longer have to stuff them here, w00t! Below's the link

WIP Blog, w0ot!


Ark Angel WIP

Really, you guys must be sick of WIPs by now. It's of my Ark Angel TT from FF XI.
If anybody knows how to attach the part on the far right to the part beside it, give me a hoot in the comments.


Seriously, more WIP's?!

Yah, I know, but I haven't finished anything that I feel like posting yet.Its of my "seceret" project, which isn't really worth keeping seceret since I already said what it was somewhere (its the Ark Angel Tarutaru from FF XI), and the baby chocobo, who's feet are currently unaligned.
I'm going to be testbuilding Goron Link for Paperlegend so I'm going to post more WIPs (Gah, more WIPs...).


Yay, more WIP's...

Hurrah, more WIP's...Yeah.Anyways, here you go.

Ooohhh...secret project.OK, maybe not that secret but oh well.


Stay tuned!


More moogles!

Huh, FOUR posts in one hour?Yep.I guess I'm just making up for the break.Well, you can't really blame me, I was sick :(.
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a fan of moogles.Below is more proof.




He's not free-standing cause of that pompom.I'm waiting for Fezco to release some weapons so I can add counterweight *nudge nudge*.I couldn't find wire, and I was too lazy to cut 6 of the stems, so I used the wire from a twist tie, which came with a twist tie garbage bag.It took so long because I was working on it on and off, and cause I was sick :(.Well, I don't care how long it took, cause the end result was really great!
Last post for today, I promise.
Stay tuned!

Clay models

Some clay models, I made, which didn't take long at all.As you can see I only have brown, orange, and pink clay...:P

Stay tuned!


Here's a robot, from a papercraft book I got for christmas.Sorry for the horrible lighting, I couldn't get a better shot.


Stay tuned!

My WIP's

Some WIP's of mine:

From left to right, starting at top:

Pikachu pokedoll, baby chocobo, Ark Angel Tarutaru, LoZ Majora's Mask moon,

the other two robots (see above post), Master Sword, two copies of tetris blocks (I hope to be able to play tetris with these when I'm done, cause I suck at normal tetris)

The baby chocobo, my current WIP


Pictures Galore 2

Sorry for the double post, but I can't add more than 5 picture per post.If anybody knows a solution to this, say so in the comments.Now heres some more pictures (if you actually want to see them).FF XII Moogle Progress-Front

FF XII Moogle Progress-Back

A drawing.Do you think I only do papercraft?I invented this guy after I got tired of stick men.

Stay tuned

Pictures Galore 1

Ok, my excuse for the break is: the rechargables for my camera didn't charge fast enough.
Sprout beret

Piano cat

Ceiling cat is happy because he can now watch all viewers of this blog.Meow.

Monorail cats, in the center.

Calender.This was taken a few days ago, as you can see by the calendar.

Stay tuned!


Blah blah blah...

Every once in a while I'll do a text only post.You don't have to read them, but I will probably be giving notices, tallking about half finished models, blah blah blah...Yah, you get the point.

Ok, the polls over, and baby chocobo is the winner!He's printed and ready to go, I'll get started on it right after this FF XII Moogle I'm working on.Just on the arms right now.I have lotsa pictures to upload, just don't feel like it right now.

I printed a big batch o' projects, will probably be showcased in the next week or two.

Now about the comments.Don't be afraid to comment, I don't bite!Criticism is welcome, unless its for a pointless reason.

I'm going to try to post at least every 4 days.I just got caught up with stuff since Tuesday.

Excpect some pictures tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Stay tuned!



Here is my papercraft collection, if anybody is curious.

Some are from when I was just beginning, others are recent.If you're wondering which is which, just compare the quality of some to the other.That is not a unique texture for the clock town schnauzer, a friend printed one and was unhappy with the quality of the schnauzer, and needless to say, free schnauzer!

I had a tiger calender, buster sword, and sprout beret built too, but blogger disagrees with me on how many photos I'm allowed to have in one post.They will probably show up in a later post.
As always, stay tuned!



Here are my moogle and cactuar doll papercrafts.They took around an 1 hour and a half each.
NOTE:The models on this blog are not designed by me.Don't get me wrong, I would love to try designing one, it's just that I don't want to buy pepakura just to save and export models.
Now, here they are!

School starts tomorrow, so I will probably not be able to work as fast. Also, no need to vote on the sprout beret AKA Life-size mandragora hat, as I got the urge for a life-size model and built it.

Stay tuned!



Here are some sprites I made, just out of paper.Each pixel is 5x5 millimeters, and they are coloured with pencil crayons.Then I just had to cut them out.These ones, because they are small, took around 1 hour each.Here they are!

To make them, draw a grid with a ruler, adding a dash every 5 millimeters.Colour in the outlines of the sprite, then erase the black (or whatever colour your pencil makes) lines.After that colour according to the outlines and cut out.
I will be posting a moogle+cactuar either today or tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

Ninjatoes models

Here are some of my Ninjatoes models!

Ninjatoes models:



Happy New Year and welcome to my new blog!Here are my FFXI moogles that I made out of paper.:)
FFXI Moogles:

The polygonal moogle was the first to be built, the smooth one came after.They took about a week each.The first one because I was a slow builder, and the second one because I was busy, it being Christmas/New year.

More posts tomorrow!