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Just a Filler.

Randimly, I decided to take a picture of my work area.

I have: A cutting mat, elevated by a binder, the template, cutting utensils (knife for tabs, scissors for the rest), glue, laptop for reference, pen+ruler for scoring, and a lid for a glue palatte with a glue applicator. The papers on the pull-out part are usually for the other pages of the papercraft, but I was only doing a 1 page project. I put my parts beside the pages, and the glued together pieces beside that.

As requested by AuronVTF...

If you are not AuronVTF, it is not necessary you read the following.
If you can't read out the jot notes, they are (going top to bottom):
Shoulder Pad
-5 holes
-only on left arm

-3 studs on the top

-has a dent on the front

-Flap with mark

And the side and back views.

Stay Tuned!


Designed a robot!

A hand-design, a first for me! I hand-design from time-to-time. I started out with hakos, then I made stuff like the pokeball and this. This time though, I was able to scan it before I built it. So, right-click on it, hit save as, save it somewhere, then print it off My Documents.

Look at a finished picture...
I just set up some shelves for display, so know I don't have to worry about space for a few years.
Cause I don't feel in the mood for drawing, don't wait for me to do one in a while.

Expect a surfing Pikachu, Goron Link, and a mystery project (ooh...) in the next month.


Ark Angels, Luneth, and Dogs in Boxes. Cool!

Sorry it took so long, I've kinda been dragging my feet. So after like a month of waiting and suspense, I present to you the Ark Angel Tarutaru!

I did a presentation on him at school. Um yeah, thats all I can say besides he took 20 hours stretched over 1 month of back-breaking work. Well not exactly back-breaking, as I said, I was dragging my feet.

And as promised, a drawing, this time of Luneth from FF III in his freelancer costume.

I could have scanned him, but I'm too lazy... :P
I plan to have them all in their freelancer jobs eventually.

And since I ran out of art to make up for the 2 weeks of no activity, here are some pictures of my dog, sleeping in a box.

Ain't she cute?
And there's not really anything else to talk about, so...
...Stay Tuned!



Yay, something actually got finished! Somethings, actually. They are the: Advance Wars Neotank from Ninjatoes, 2 robots w/ food, and a pokeball I hand-made (Just so you know, I left the top open so I can put stuff inside.

And hey! I figured out how to add a video. Of course I had to do the walking Neotank:

Stay tuned!


The next few days.

So, pull up a chair and stay a while, and I'll tell you what's gonna happen in the next little bit.

Tomorrow will be the start of the weekend, so more productivity. Expect 1 or 2 drawings. I'm having a friend over on Saturday, but we're planning to somehow make a board game out of Ninjatoes' Advance Wars models, so I'll get some work done on those. Sunday I'll probably just work on my AA Tarutaru, which I want to have done by the 15th. I'm going to be using him for a presentation then (don't worry Kaizo, full credit for the unfold+layout goes to you). The rest is unpredictable, so just wait and see.

New updates at the WIP blog.

Stay tuned!