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Spinda! Majora's Mask!

Really, you'd think I'd be more creative than just putting the name of the papercraft, but what the hey.

A rebuild of Majora's Mask. Looks. So. Real.
Daw. isn't he cute?
Look at his pretty little base!
Playing in the flowers...
Front view!
Happy Mask Salesman, Toon Link, and Tidus coming up.

Stay tuned!



Well, after a few weeks of editing, building, making instructions, procastrinating and sleeping, I present you my Luma!

Downloadable from my team's blog, http://stationeryengineers.blogspot.com/, he stands 10 1/2 cm tall.

And a little side note, my other blogs (WIP blog, Kupo Papercraft) are pretty much what you'd call dead, I haven't even visited them in the past 3 months. I only have enough energy to maintain one blog... :P



Summer has finally started! Time to get out my knives and glue ( and go outside every month or so(Just kidding, I'm not that lazy. :P))! To any Canadians, happy Canada Day! To any Americans, happy early 4th of July!

Now, my papercrafts. I got 2 done in 4 days! That must be some sort of record! Here they are:

Crisis Core Moogle


You may be wondering where I got the Luma from. Well, I "designed" it! Technically, the amazing team behind Super Mario Galaxy designed it, I just got it extracted, edited and unfolded.I'm gonna release it as soon as I finish the instructions.

P.S. No more side projects for me, finished em' all this week!

Stay tuned!



After 3 weeks, Sora is finished! First (or second, if you count Chibi Sora) venture into Kingdom Hearts papercraft, likely not the last (*hint*Cloud*hint). The build was fairly easy, until it came to the fingers D:. Evil fingers, only cylinders but so EVIL...

Anyways, here it is:
(Note: It's an absolute pain to do those inset things with paint :P)

Kudos to blogger for adding the design feature, finally got my blog up to shape!

O ___ O

...Stay Tuned.



Finally, after 3 months, finished the Chocobo:

This spot looks meh-ish due to a bit of poor planning.


Secret government meeting:

Stay tuned!


Master Sword-Looks awesome with Moogle.

Just finished the Master Sword by Xenonray, it looks rather snazzy on my shelf:

Of course I had to take a picture of Link beside it:

Link holding the sword:

And my favourite picture:

Stay tuned!


Reign of the Pictures.

Now that my camera is back to 100% functionality, I shall bombard you with pictures! Mwuhahaha! >:D

A close up of Alice's hands.
Alice's "heel brace", after she suffered an accident.

A greyscale build of Xenonray's Elegy Link, for practice so the colour version is perfect.

A Blue Moon stealth. *pew*

A Pikachu Pokirby.Pikachu!

Blue Moon APC. Vroom, vroom!

Group shot!

Chibi Sora

WIP Pile!
Stay tuned!


Goron Elder's Son Editing, WOO!

Call me lazy or just plain procastinating, but I finally got around to posting!...After a month. D:
I'm getting back on track now, with less school projects and whatnot. Anyways, enjoy the last picture I took before my camera wonked out on me:

Another reason for my absence was my interest in learning Blender. Give it a month and waddya now, I'm a Blender pro (Kind of (actually, not really))!
My current editing project:
I'm gonna try to fix my camera tonight (actually, I'm gonna go at it with a hammer >:D)
Stay tuned!


I are teh bad colourist!

I are bad at colourink teh picturez.

Or I was just to lazy to do it right. Have a Marill Po-Kirbie ^^. The colour alignment might be a bit off, but you hopefully have the same markers as me! ;) I found my camera, but I lost my SD card. How I fail.
Stay tuned!


Drawing of a ...frog.

Not much done lately, except the stuff I unfortunately, can't scan. I pulled this up from a while ago, as you can see by the date on the top right corner:

I am currently editing the Goron Elder's son from Majora's Mask, I have fixed the right leg and back so far.
Me and my friend are working on a comic, I do the drawing and he does the writing. Its coming along smoothly, I'll post it when were done.
In other news, I recently finished Xenonray's Elegy Link, printed in grayscale due to lack of access to a colour printer. I'm nearing the end of my American McGee's Alice build, and Chibi Sora has been done for ages. Next to appear on my cutting mat will be Kaizo's Crisis Core Moogle and GoblinGuy's Baby Chocobo. Before I even think of printing more, I want to clear this pile of half cut up paper. I am dropping some projects to lighten the load, and devoting more time to building.
Stay tuned!


Re: On designing

I have done it! I have designed a papercraft! I will not tell you who it is, but I will give you 3 hints:
  1. It is a Pokemon.
  2. It is ground type.
  3. It is first found in Kanto.

I will release it as soon as I have a built picture & instructions.

Stay tuned!


On Designing

I'm mostly good with designing now, just one roadblock: Texturing. I get the correct textures in Blenders, however I don't think I can export it and keep the textures on the model. No problem, right? I can just set the textures in Pepakura...

Well Pepakura actually upsizes the textures, so i'm gonna have to find a way to fix it...
Oh the complications of papecraft...

On Recolouring.

I never actually got into recolouring before, MS Paint was just to lousy to do it. However, now that I have Gimp, I can easily recolour. Enjoy some of my recolours:
I never actually got into recolouring before, MS Paint was just to lousy to do it. However, now that I have Gimp, I can easily recolour. Enjoy some of my recolours:
Pikirby (Pikachu=Kirby)
Blue Kirby

Stay Tuned!

On Blogs

Just to let you know, I'm not posting to the WIP blog anymore, too lazy :P. I may be creating a blog for my designed papercrafts, I'm just gonna have to fix up a few models.

If I don't post in a while, just assume I'm working on a project. Insted of having one project going at a time, I have 14, so I'm spending time on all of them. It's gonna be slow, but when I'm all finished I'll have a lot to show you.

Stay tuned!


'Nother update

Started to texture Luneth's pants. See the texture? Well on the model below.. ...the stitches don't show up!

Update in Luneth.

Today I modeled Luneth's other foot and his legs.

Stay Tuned!


My current project(s).

Don't have any "real-life" pictures, just a picture of my first designing project. It's the boot of my project, whom I will let you guess who it is. If this works I may design more papercrafts which I model, and possibly ripped models. I used Metasequioa to design it so far. But before I continue I'm gonna have to learn UV mapping...
Stay tuned!


Photo Retakes.

Retook a few photos, cause I was unhappy with the previous ones.

You may have noticed I added a pinball game to the blog. Unfortunately, the music goes off after about 10 seconds. I'll leave it up, but if it annoys you, let me know and I'll take it out.
And, that's all.
Stay tuned!

Gotta catch em' all!

So, I could have posted in the last week, but kept saying to myself "make one more thing , then post." Problem is, after I actually made something, I decided to make another, then post. I made 'bout 4 models then actually decided to update. Because of that, you're gonna see a week's worth of models.

First off, Hoppip and Bulbasuar. Hoppip is edge coloured, and Bulbasuar is printed on a black and white laser printer.

Next, we have the moon, also black and white to save colour ink, since he was mostly greyish anyways.

I've finally finished all three robots, below is a picture of the last.

Last but not least, surfing Pikachu. Wasn't too hard to make and still enjoyable.

That's all from this week, but I have a model from a while ago that I forgot to post. Exactly how long ago? About 2 months. I made a video 'cause it has moving parts.

Sorry, that was so brief, I'm kinda running short on time.
Stay tuned!


Just a Filler.

Randimly, I decided to take a picture of my work area.

I have: A cutting mat, elevated by a binder, the template, cutting utensils (knife for tabs, scissors for the rest), glue, laptop for reference, pen+ruler for scoring, and a lid for a glue palatte with a glue applicator. The papers on the pull-out part are usually for the other pages of the papercraft, but I was only doing a 1 page project. I put my parts beside the pages, and the glued together pieces beside that.

As requested by AuronVTF...

If you are not AuronVTF, it is not necessary you read the following.
If you can't read out the jot notes, they are (going top to bottom):
Shoulder Pad
-5 holes
-only on left arm

-3 studs on the top

-has a dent on the front

-Flap with mark

And the side and back views.

Stay Tuned!