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Spinda! Majora's Mask!

Really, you'd think I'd be more creative than just putting the name of the papercraft, but what the hey.

A rebuild of Majora's Mask. Looks. So. Real.
Daw. isn't he cute?
Look at his pretty little base!
Playing in the flowers...
Front view!
Happy Mask Salesman, Toon Link, and Tidus coming up.

Stay tuned!



Well, after a few weeks of editing, building, making instructions, procastrinating and sleeping, I present you my Luma!

Downloadable from my team's blog, http://stationeryengineers.blogspot.com/, he stands 10 1/2 cm tall.

And a little side note, my other blogs (WIP blog, Kupo Papercraft) are pretty much what you'd call dead, I haven't even visited them in the past 3 months. I only have enough energy to maintain one blog... :P



Summer has finally started! Time to get out my knives and glue ( and go outside every month or so(Just kidding, I'm not that lazy. :P))! To any Canadians, happy Canada Day! To any Americans, happy early 4th of July!

Now, my papercrafts. I got 2 done in 4 days! That must be some sort of record! Here they are:

Crisis Core Moogle


You may be wondering where I got the Luma from. Well, I "designed" it! Technically, the amazing team behind Super Mario Galaxy designed it, I just got it extracted, edited and unfolded.I'm gonna release it as soon as I finish the instructions.

P.S. No more side projects for me, finished em' all this week!

Stay tuned!