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More moogles!

Huh, FOUR posts in one hour?Yep.I guess I'm just making up for the break.Well, you can't really blame me, I was sick :(.
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a fan of moogles.Below is more proof.




He's not free-standing cause of that pompom.I'm waiting for Fezco to release some weapons so I can add counterweight *nudge nudge*.I couldn't find wire, and I was too lazy to cut 6 of the stems, so I used the wire from a twist tie, which came with a twist tie garbage bag.It took so long because I was working on it on and off, and cause I was sick :(.Well, I don't care how long it took, cause the end result was really great!
Last post for today, I promise.
Stay tuned!

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