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Ark Angels, Luneth, and Dogs in Boxes. Cool!

Sorry it took so long, I've kinda been dragging my feet. So after like a month of waiting and suspense, I present to you the Ark Angel Tarutaru!

I did a presentation on him at school. Um yeah, thats all I can say besides he took 20 hours stretched over 1 month of back-breaking work. Well not exactly back-breaking, as I said, I was dragging my feet.

And as promised, a drawing, this time of Luneth from FF III in his freelancer costume.

I could have scanned him, but I'm too lazy... :P
I plan to have them all in their freelancer jobs eventually.

And since I ran out of art to make up for the 2 weeks of no activity, here are some pictures of my dog, sleeping in a box.

Ain't she cute?
And there's not really anything else to talk about, so...
...Stay Tuned!

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