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Randimly, I decided to take a picture of my work area.

I have: A cutting mat, elevated by a binder, the template, cutting utensils (knife for tabs, scissors for the rest), glue, laptop for reference, pen+ruler for scoring, and a lid for a glue palatte with a glue applicator. The papers on the pull-out part are usually for the other pages of the papercraft, but I was only doing a 1 page project. I put my parts beside the pages, and the glued together pieces beside that.

As requested by AuronVTF...

If you are not AuronVTF, it is not necessary you read the following.
If you can't read out the jot notes, they are (going top to bottom):
Shoulder Pad
-5 holes
-only on left arm

-3 studs on the top

-has a dent on the front

-Flap with mark

And the side and back views.

Stay Tuned!

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