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Drawing of a ...frog.

Not much done lately, except the stuff I unfortunately, can't scan. I pulled this up from a while ago, as you can see by the date on the top right corner:

I am currently editing the Goron Elder's son from Majora's Mask, I have fixed the right leg and back so far.
Me and my friend are working on a comic, I do the drawing and he does the writing. Its coming along smoothly, I'll post it when were done.
In other news, I recently finished Xenonray's Elegy Link, printed in grayscale due to lack of access to a colour printer. I'm nearing the end of my American McGee's Alice build, and Chibi Sora has been done for ages. Next to appear on my cutting mat will be Kaizo's Crisis Core Moogle and GoblinGuy's Baby Chocobo. Before I even think of printing more, I want to clear this pile of half cut up paper. I am dropping some projects to lighten the load, and devoting more time to building.
Stay tuned!


  1. I'm am likeding you're blogg butt sumthymes its is harde to reed becuzz two manny spleling mistooks! Utherwize, kepted up teh grate werk!!


  2. Yez I no, I m wrkingg onn ma spelink.

    I think the frog needs a buddy...