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On Designing

I'm mostly good with designing now, just one roadblock: Texturing. I get the correct textures in Blenders, however I don't think I can export it and keep the textures on the model. No problem, right? I can just set the textures in Pepakura...

Well Pepakura actually upsizes the textures, so i'm gonna have to find a way to fix it...
Oh the complications of papecraft...


  1. have you tried to erase the exported images and then re-exporting with the option "Copy Images"?
    Or have you tried to import the exported model in blender? if the textures are upsized then it has something to to with blender export options and nothing with pepakura.

    P.S. interested in linking to my blog? would be great.

    Regards, Litro

  2. Thanks for the help,it works now.

    P.S. I'm thinking of doing a blog for my personal designs as soon as I get them built. I'll put a place holder for now,and I'll link to your blog there.

  3. Great! i have already seen it. do you have a logo or somethin similar? i wanna link to your site too

    greets, litro

  4. Err...not really. I'll see if I can make one tonight, though.